Send Happy! is a collaborative project between Kim Kendall and Kevin and Kaia Creations.  Kevin & Kaia create the cards, postcards, and stickers. Kim puts together the packages each month and sends them out to subscribers. 

Our goal is to help make people happy by sending them something special, unique, and useful.  We know that writing a hand-written note is good for both the sender and receiver. Writing a hand-written note on a fun and unique card can make it extra special.

About Kim

Kim is a small-business owner, social media guru, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about supporting local businesses and providing excellent customer service. Kim lives in Arizona.

About Kevin & Kaia

Kevin and Kaia (14 years old) are a father and daughter team. They both love to draw and create. They put their own creative touch on each card, sticker, and postcard that you'll receive each month. When they aren't creating cards, postcards, and stickers, Kevin is a college professor and Kaia is an 8th grader. They live in South Dakota.