Select one of the subscription options below to start receiving a surprise envelope every month with greeting cards, postcards, and stickers. Once you subscribe we'll reach out to you to learn more about what you like so we can curate a collection just for you. 

All of the items you'll receive are hand crafted by Kevin & Kaia and we know you'll love them! 

3 cards

2 stickers

1 postcard

Starts at $14.95/mth


3 cards

Starts at $9.99/mth


"I couldn't be more pleased with this subscription box! It comes with 3 cards, 2 stickers, and 1 postcard every month. Each month the designs are different and unique! The handmade drawings are so adorable! I would definitely recommend subscribing to this box and signing all your friends up too. People don't send cards nearly as often as they should anymore!"

- Happy Subscriber


Kevin & Kaia create the cards, postcards, and stickers.

Kim curates the items for each subscriber and sends out the monthly subscriptions.

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